Monday, April 20, 2009

Caps lead 2-0 after 1

Strangely the Rangers may have had their best offensive first period of the series, controlling the play the last 5 minutes in the Caps zone.....but they trail 2-0.

The caps scored 2 great goals, its as simple as that.

Naslund took a hooking penalty in the final seconds of the period, so the Caps will have a power play about 20 second in the 2nd period. Rangers need a big kill, and to find a way to get this thing tied up heading to the third period. The Caps are a young team, the Rangers need to get this thing tied and let them fall apart mentally.

Rangers only outshot 14-11 (compared to 14-4 and 13-6 in games 1 and 2), but Caps got two on the board. Gonna need the power play tonight.

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