Monday, April 20, 2009

Strong second for the Rangers...when it was 5 on 5

The Rangers give up FIVE power plays in the second period (one carrying over from first), spending almost half the period down a man. When the play was even, the Rangers were the better team, controlling in the caps zone most of the time.

The problem for the Rangers has been some stupid penalities, one or two very questionable calls, and Varlamov has a 3 goal lead, and thus a lot less pressure, and has been very strong making 3-4 huge save for the Caps.

If the Rangers are going to have any shot in the third, they not only have to stay out of the box, but are going to have to draw at least 3 penalties, and capitalize on two of them.

The Caps have THIRTY shots on goal thru two periods, leading 3-0 heading to the third.

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  1. Let's try to get something by Varlamov - give him a little something to think about even if we can't win.