Friday, April 24, 2009

Avery Benched for Game 5

Coach John Tortorella made a tough but correct call tonight - making Sean Avery a healthy scratch for tonight's game 5 against the Washington Capitals. Avery lost his composure late in game 4, taking 2 stupid penalties and putting the game - and the series at risk.

Tortorella has made accountability a big part of his coaching style - its a welcome change from prior coaches here - and it's the right way to play it.

When Sean hustled and put the team first - Torts rewarded him with ice time and promoted him to the 2 top lines. And now - Sean is feeling the downside - he put his emotions in front of the team at the end of game 4 - and so - tonight - he sits and watches.

Aaron Voros takes Seanny's place. I'm sad about benching Sean - but I think it's fair.

Go Rangers


  1. It's a very tough call with the lack of offense, they need all they can get, but I like the decision, I would have done it. (But I will have him back in the lineup in Game 6 if there is one)

  2. I hate the call. Tell Avery, one more dumbass move and I am benching you, but don't preemptively sit him. This is a must win game, it is no time to be teaching lessons for the future...the future could be short. There is no denying the Rangers record with and without Avery. There is no denying his massive upside over Aaron Voros (who also takes stupid penalties). Over the course of a series, Avery will eventually get into someones head, taking him out of a game kindve fucks that up. Now even if you put him back in game 6, you have castrated him. It's too soon to forget that he won that Devils series for us last year.

  3. Raymond - it looks like you were right about this one. Without Avery the Rangers just don;t have that fire-in-the-belly. In fact - we started this little blog right when Avery returned. But - I think the move will pay off because Sean will play the game of his life Sunday. And don't worry - he'll be "anatomicaly correct"