Thursday, April 16, 2009

Did I Miss Anything? WOW!

Okay - so clearly - the plan is for Dave Pucks to mysteriously disappear for a few days and the Rangers pull off a stunning win - while Nugs writes superbly about the whole thing. You know - when I resurfaced and wanted to catch up on exactly what happened - Nugman on the Blueshirt Brothers is really the best source I could find anywhere.

As I mentioned up front - when you have the better goalie you always have a puncher's chance. The Rangers have an A+ goalie and so far it looks like the Cap's Theodore is a C-. And that was the difference. Theodore's save percentage was just 81%. nearly one of every five Ranger shots on goal hit the twine. Henrik, on the other hand stopped over 91% of the shots he faced.

And the reason the game was so close was the the Caps outshot our Rangers 35 to 21. So it looked like they dominated... and LOST!

The Caps have to be wondering what they have to do to win at this point.

I hope I'm wrong, but I thought at the outset that the Rangers would need to win TWO road games to take this series. We've captured the first in dramatic fashion. Game 2 may be our best opportunity to grab the second - while Washington is dazed and confused.

And as Nugman said, Tortorella did exactly the right thing highlighting the Goaltenders - the area we dominate - puts some pressure on the Cap's weakest link.

Also we scored our 3 goals or more - and sure enough - we won. And suddenly that Washington team that was supposed to be in the finals - instead faces a must win in game 2.

Very cool.

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