Sunday, April 26, 2009

Rangers Answer! Gomez Scores!

Rangers score on the power play...FINALLY! After 18 straight kills for the Caps (Rangers only 2 for 22 in the series prior), Rangers score a needed goal to tie this thing up.

Avery had two men on him in the corner, made a great back pass to redden at the blue line. Redden fired a slap shot at the net, Gomez gets a beautiful deflection by Varlamov, game tied 1-1.

Right after the game tying goal, Naslund had a great chance on the doorstep at an open net, but fired a back handed shot into Varlamov's pads. Tough play for nAslund who had to catch the puck out of mid-air, put it down and shoot it, but had he put it down on his forehand side, Rangers would lead 2-1.

Moments later, sensing the Rangers were starting to dictate the play, the Caps sent Brasheer out on the ice to take a cheap shot at someone, which is his entire game. Brasheer takes a late, cheap hit that blind sides Betts and appears to have knocked him out of the game. Enormous loss for the rangers, not only on faceoffs, but on the penalty kill. Brasheer and Mara getting minors that cancel, Refs missed the Brasheer hit, awful non-call.

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