Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Captain Delivers!

Wow, Chris Drury is really hurt. Either he intentionally through a changeup at Varlamov, as Michelleti claims, or his wrist really is f*cked, but f*cked wrist or not, Drury still has heart. He followed the puck to the net, found a rebound, and roofed it over Varlamov to give the Rangers a 2-0 lead. (47th career playoff goal for drury)

Rangers, despite that play, have actually been a lot worse so far this period. There play has been sloppy, and right after Drury scored Mara took an awful penalty, to give the Caps their third power play of the game. Hank came up huge on the power play, a shot that Rosen completely missed and Michelleti glossed over, but semin tried to center a pass, it went off roszivals skate, acting as a perfect deflection, and Hank made the save of the game so far, kicking it out with the right blocker.

Rangers have to pick up their play, because despite the score, the Caps absolutely have picked up their level of intensity from the first period.

From Dave at the Garden:

"Huge Playoff Goal by Drury - followed by a clutch PK. 2-0. Gotta keep it up."

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