Monday, April 27, 2009

Torts: We're Still Not Dead

Rangers Coach John Tortorella - back from his one game suspension had this to say to the media:

"We come here today to prepare for a Game 7. We're still not dead. And we go into their building and we won two games there. They have the advantage. Home ice is important for Game 7, but it's funny what happens with the pressure of it all, too. They're supposed to win. I bet I can poll everyone here, no one thought we'd get to a Game 7 in this series. I'll poll you right now, who thinks we're gonna win tomorrow? (No hands raised). I appreciate your honesty. There's no pressure on us... That's the key to Game 7 because everybody thinks we're done. So it falls back on them. They deserved that seventh game, but it's funny what can happen."

In other Rangers news: Blair Betts has a broken Orbital bone as a result of the clear-intent-to-injure cheap shot he took from Brashear. Betts, who played heroically and well for us - is now out indefinitely. This was no accident. Brashear targeted our best Penalty Kill player - targeted his head - and fractured a bone in Betts skull - long after Betts had played the puck and had turned away from the action to skate off for a line change.

Brashear is supposed to have a hearing with the NHL today to see about a possible suspension.

And get this - Brandon Dubinsky was bitten on the arm by the Capitals defensmen Shaone Morrisonn in the 2nd period. According to the Rangers he required a tetanus shot - and no - I'm not kidding. Here's that story.


  1. It's kind of strange how two non-skill players of little to no importance to the Capitals just happened to take out the Rangers top penalty killer (on a unit that had held them scoreless the previous 3 games), and arguably the Rangers best forward the last 3 games, Doobie. Funny how that happens.

  2. Yes - you could argue that this is exactly what's wrong with hockey. It goes way past the way Avery annoys people - the Caps are flat out trying to injure people. And there's no need for that - they're a talented hockey team.

    The NHL has been looking at setting up rules about any type of head shots - to protect their players from head injuries. But so far-nothing is in place.

    I just hope Blair Betts has no permanent damage - concussions are cumulative over a lifetime.