Monday, April 20, 2009

Caps score first, 1-0

Caps draw first blood on the road. A beautiful shot off the post and in from semin, he is really skating early. The caps have a ton of energy, and are shooting the second the puck touches their stick. Hank looks strong again early, just can't keep this caps machine off the board forever.

The caps healthy scratched Nylander before the game, replacing him with Donald Brasheer. Very interesting move. Shows boudreau wants the team to be more physical as Brasheer is nothing but a thug, and has no game left (and hasn't had much game for years), his sole skill is hitting people.

A big hit in the Rangers zone helped set up the first goal, allowing backstrom to get a loose puck and make a perfect pass to semin for the lead.

The Rangers actually look pretty solid early, I wouldn't change anything. You just get beat some times. Gotta respond.

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