Monday, March 30, 2009


What a difference a day makes. Monday morning we felt like a team on a downward spiral - that whatever boost we got from Torts and Avery was gone now and we were reverting to our midseason (lack of) form.

But then - Monday Night - we did everything I had hoped for in my previous post. We rose up. We played with passion, with intelligence, with intensity. We launched almost 40 shots at Brodeur, and in the end, the Newark Goalie gave way with 3 in the second period.

And Hank! He shut them out. He was stellar. He looked every bit the best netminder of the two this evening (and his lifetime save percentage - which is better than Marty's - and their head to head record the last 16 or so games - further proves that point).

Did you see Sean Avery not rising to the bait? Purposely not fighting as he was getting tossed around? I was almost moved to tears. He gets it now. Team first. I don't think I've ever seen anyone try harder not to get in a fight since Dale Rolf (!). It's been a long long time.

I have to hand it to Tortorella. He's kept up a tactic we haven't seen the Ranger's coaches use in years. He rewards hard smart play and benches the opposite. And the results - the accountability - it is there for all to see.

Tonight it was our Rangers, not the Devils, that looked like the dominant team with the best-ever goaltender. And you know what, maybe The Rangers could really be that if they keep working.

Okay - 2 much needed points moves us more solidly into 7th and gets us closer to 6th (but don't get me started on the Penguins and opportunities lost). Let's just focus on a huge win - when we needed it most.

Very cool, guys, very very cool.

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