Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Our Follower

I'd like to thank you Ray for joining our little site. What we lack in credibility, substance, and size, we make up for with......customer service? (I am not sure that is the appropriate term since we offer no product or anything of value. But I can tell you this Ray, until someone better than you comes along, you will be considered our # 1 follower)

In honor of our man of the hour, Ray. (Who gets to be the man of all hours until more "follow" his lead) I am going to post an interesting "Glen Sather Stat". A "Glen Sather Stat" doesn't necessarily have to be a number, but rather just something that embodies the essence of terrible management. This one is for Ray, since he pointed it out to me last night.

Can you name the ranger on the current roster, that has been with the team the longest?

Rosie? Hank?....Orr?

Nope, it is of course Blair Betts. With prucha leaving town, Betts has the honor of being signed with the rangers the longest. (Tech Roszival and Hank also joined team for 2005-2006 season but I guess Betts was signed first? Actually I think Hank was under contract before Betts wasn't he?)

Well the stat may be suspect, but one thing is for certain, no one knows how to build a team like glen sather. It's not important to have a youth movement, or to constantly make deals looking for veteran players (he does both at the same time), the most important thing is to have as much turnover on your roster as possible. That way, team chemistry can be nearly impossible to achieve.

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