Monday, March 30, 2009

The Devils We Know

So, tonight we face our most familiar and bitter rivals - the Devils of Newark.

The Devils and Brodeur have hated us for what seems like forever. They will be focusing in on this game like a laser - delighting in the opportunity to kick the Rangers when we're down - hoping they can be a part of ousting us from the playoffs before they begin.

What we need to do - in the name of all things good and holy - is rise up and smite the evil men of Newark. Smite the Devils with all the power and fury we can muster as proud wearers of the Ranger colors.

Do this and we will hold on to 7th place, stay in the playoff mix, and throw a measure of doubt into our cross-river rivals. Lose this game and everything we have worked for may start fading away. This is it friends - it's smite or be "smited" (or is it smitten? - no that can't be right)

Oh, and as a small sideline to the game - there's that little tiff between Newark's goalie and our little Seanny. The working relationship between these two men has already resulted in a change to the rules of NHL hockey (The "Avery" Rule) and more than a few altercations. For a fond recollection take a look below:

All I know is that it won't be boring.

What's been wrong with the Rangers? I think Hank is still sick from that mystery stomach thing. That would explain Torts trying to rest him and it would explain the 4 goal night in Pittsburgh (although the Rangers having to take on the Penguins and the Referees didn't make that game any easier). And since Hank's ailment doesn't fit into the Rangers official injury announcement form...

{Insert players name here} has a(n) {check one} [] Upper []Lower body injury

...the Rangers can't or won't report on it.

Dave Pucks Obvious Keys To The Game
1 - Hank be Hank.
2 - Sean be Sean.
This has been... etc.

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