Monday, March 9, 2009

Why I Like Avery

I've never met Shaun Avery. And I probably wouldn't like to play against him. He can, basically, act like a jerk on the ice - running his mouth - sneaking in a jab when the ref is not looking - and running the goalie.

But wow, is he ever fun to watch. He makes every match personal and emotional. Because the other team hates him - and they pick on him. And then the other Rangers get involved and suddenly a lifeless collection of men becomes a fiery hockey team.

And you won't find a player who tries harder. Sean gives up the body play after play. He gave his spleen for the New York Rangers and they thanked him with a one-way ticket out of midtown. But now, all is forgiven - Avery is back.

Renney and Sather sent him packing. But now, he's outlasted Tom. He may outlast Slats before this is all in the books.

All I know is when he's on the ice - it just feels more like the Rangers I know and love.

Welcome back Seanny


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