Monday, March 9, 2009

We Almost Forgot - Goals!

It seems so obvious now. Under Renney they had trouble scoring so they concentrated on defense - which means - in essence - they stopped trying to score. So they lost 2-1 games.

Under Torts, they attack. They move the puck towards the opponent's goal. And then the puck in in the offensive zone - guess what? It's not getting shot at Lundquist - the Ranger's one superstar. Less shots and more rest time for Hank means he plays better, stays fresher, and lets in less goals.

Meanwhile - as much as a better offense helps the defense - it also helps the offense. When the puck is around our opponent's goal - when we take shots - when we charge the net - good things can happen. If the puck is flying everywhere on offense, sometimes it will find the twine and sound the buzzer.

So to summarize: scoring is good. And even trying to score is good.


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