Thursday, March 12, 2009

Role Play

Just got this email in my inbox.

"Hi Nugman: Any pre-game thoughts? You're the substance guy. I'm just the fluff and humor. Dave Pucks"

I had no idea I had any substance. I will always remember what my mother told me on my 5th birthday like it was yesterday, "You lack substance. You also are in no way special or unique, but you do smell above average for someone of your age and gender....Happy birthday"

I thought my job was humor. Much like most of the current squad for the rangers, I have no idea what my role is on this team. And similar to a few of them, regardless of what my job is, I plan to do it drunk. (Don't tell me Doobie doesn't look like he is half in the bag one out of every three games. Either that, or he was out till 6 am and is hanging on only by the grace of television timeouts)

My thoughts on tonight are as follows: Everyone else refuses to lose, and therefore so must we. My sophmore year roommate lives in Nashville. He also delt drugs out of our home without my knowledge for a good portion of our first semester together. Nothing desireable comes from that city.

Nashville is 6-1-2 there last ten (having lost their last two in a row), and are tied for the 8th seed in the west. This will actually help the rangers though, as historically they have played down or up to their opponents intensity level. Hanks is back in net, I have faith....because I have nothing else, certainly not substance.

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  1. Nugman is right of course. He is the substance and the humor. I just try to fill in the spaces between his posts.