Thursday, March 12, 2009

Incoherent Intermission

The time between intermissions is 17 minutes. You know how I know that? Because I timed it early in the season to figure out how much time I would have to kill to avoid listening to Deb Kaufman and stan Fischler. If having to look at Fischler's neck wasn't bad enough, the jokes are even worse. I made the mistake of listening tonight.

Stan, "and the rangers are crashing the net. The front of the nashville net looks like a barbecue at my mother-in-law's house, in that everyone is all over the place...."

Deb, "yeah, and no one is probably eating enough food...."


Deb also gives us an update on the scoreboard. She says buffalo beat the Panthers in regulation. I consider this good news, since buffalo trails us, and the panthers are ahead of us. Deb says, "bad news for the rangers, buffalo wins tonight". I guess she doesn't like buffalo getting closer, but if we win, there is no issue there, and I would prefer to catch Florida if that's ok with her.

Pittsburgh rallied from 3 goals down to tie Columbus. They lost in OT but stole a point. If rangers hold on, they are one point back of pittsburgh, but with a game in hand.

Callahan-Gomez-Avery have been absolutely dominant tonight. If Tortorella puts zherdev back on that line I will start petitioning for him to go the way of Renney.

We got to the magical "3 or more goals" number, where the rangers are 28-3-2 on the season. If they play half as good as they did in the second period, this one is over.


  1. Nugman's right about Fishler and Kaufman. Maybe Deb was hoping the Sabres and the Panthers would both lose to each other. She might benefit from a peek at the rule book - or at Blueshirt Brothers where we can help out with who to root for.

    And even as a little kid, I knew Mr. Fishler was kind of lame. When Dave Pucks was just a junior fan, I was given a book he wrote where he argued that slapshots were ruining the game and that "pretty goals" should count for more points than slappers. And I can remember thinking as a little boy: I don't know all that much about Hockey - and this guy's a grown up published author and all - but what a clueless dope he is...

  2. I remember 4 years ago when Henrik started to steal ice time from Weeks, Fischler repeatedly said that the Rangers needed Weeks in net if they were going to have any chance at the playoffs. I was at Henrik's first game and it did not require any scouting ability to see that he belonged in net every night.

    Fischler kept with his Weeks stance for months, even as the Garden started with the Hen-Ry chants and Weeks became a permanent fixture on the bench. After awhile you had to start wondering if he was even watching the games.

    I put Fischler in the Steve Phillips / Mike Milbury category of guys that are fun to listen to because you know they're going to say something stupid if you just give them a minute. Maybe that's not fair, at least Fischler never ruined a franchise for years.

  3. Fischler was never given the chance to ruin a franchise for years. I believe he has it in him. I have no problem putting him with those other two.