Friday, March 20, 2009

Let’s Go... (uh, what was that name again?)

Remember, back in the Winter of 2009, when the Rangers played hockey games every day or two? And when - this being the Blueshirt Brothers Rangers Blog and all - Nugs and I would write stuff about those Ranger games?

Good times, my friends, good times. At least that's how I remember them.

That was, of course, last Winter. It's Spring now. We have today reached that Equinox where day and night are tied at exactly 12 hours each (pending OT and a shoot out). So Friday March 20th signals (1) a new calendar season, and (2) the third consecutive day since our last Ranger game.

Any chance our Rangers will play some ice hockey today? Uh, no. And, of course, they didn’t play yesterday. Or Wednesday. I seem to recall a game against Montreal before that - but time has blurred the details.

They do have a scheduled game tomorrow - so the team will probably get back together and re-introduce themselves to each other this weekend. (“Colton, this is Brandon – Fredrik, here’s Henrik”, and so on)

But today (as it snows on me and my Spring attire of authentic Blueshirt Brothers tee shirt and Rangers shorts) I am forced to once again review last night’s Scoreboard and dream of better days to come.

Last night the Canadians, who played us Tuesday but who seem to play every other day (like a normal hockey team) lost in regulation (NOOT!) to Ottawa. This dispenses with Montreal's "game at hand" and keeps them in the Rangers’ rear view mirror by a whole point.

One the other hand, 9th place Florida upended Toronto 3-1, getting themselves to 80 points - just one behind the 8th and final playoff spot.

This of course tightens up the already tight race in the Eastern Conference. Just 4 points separates 4th place (and home ice advantage for round 1 of the playoffs) from 9th (and no playoffs at all). The Rangers squat right in the middle of that pack – 2 points below 4th place and 2 points above the ominous Line-O-Death.

And that's how it looks right now on the first day of Spring. We'll punch back in later on to cover how the Magic Rat will be Rooting in tonight's games.

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