Monday, March 9, 2009

Nice Win

Well put, Bruce. I was really happy to see that after losing a two goal lead - our Rangers did not fold up their tent and go home. They found enough inner grit to battle back - to regain the momentum just enough to insert another one past the Bruins porous goaltender.

(And when is the last time you saw an NHL goalie play so badly as the Bruin's netminder? I used to play goalie in street hockey in the Bronx - I was not that impressive - but I never kicked the puck in my own net or left the crease without knowing where the puck was.)

I know we could have (maybe should have) lost that game. I know we're teetering and could finish well out of the money before we're done. But damn it - I'm starting to get that emotional charge again. Those Rangers, Hank and Avery and Drury - they've pulled me back on the roller coaster.


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