Friday, March 27, 2009

Showdown in Pittsburgh

Okay friends. Okay Nugs. Okay everyone. It's time to let go of that point we left so tragically on the ice in Georgia and re-focus on the puck at hand. That is, our Saturday afternoon road game.

The new enemy: The Aquatic Birds of Pittsburgh.

Yes - it is the team that put us out of the playoffs last year - ending Jagr's Ranger career and spinning the Rangers off to the trajectory they find themselves on today.

The Penguins find themselves exactly 7 wins short of last year's regular season total with 7 left to play. They are coming off an odd 2-0 shut out of the Flames in which their own lines were shut out as well - only the defensemen scored.

Pittsburgh sits one point and one playoff notch above us in 6th place. They are where we want to be - and if we can beat them we will take their place.

There are just 7 games left now. 7 games - and then the rest of our lives.

Dave Pucks Incredibly Obvious Keys To The Game

1 - Play your best Goalie. Because, you know, he's better than your second-best goalie. I never thought I'd have to list this as a key to the game - but Torts thought it would be better to not use Lundqvist last night - and look what happened.

2 - Score. Then Score again. And, oh yeah, score once again. That, with Lundqvist - should get us home.

3 - Staal and Girardi. Let's keep those plus-minus totals above minus 4 this time, okay guys? Because we can never win if you both go minus 4.

This has been Dave Pucks Incredibly Obvious Keys To The Game

One closing note: how about that Sauer kid? He was plus 1 on the night. I have a really good feeling about him.

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