Sunday, March 29, 2009

Assessing the Damage

Now that the ice has cleared - let's assess the damage.

We're still in 7th place with 6 games to play -6 tough games to play.

Behind us in 8th are the Montreal Canadians, but now they are just one point behind with a game at hand. So our hold on 7th is not so good.

And just below the Line-O-Death in 9th sits Florida, 2 points back of us with 6 to play. If they and the Canadians catch us .... I can't finish this thought.

So it's a sprint to the finish now. We need points. We need wins. And we need losses in regulation for Montreal, Florida, and well, Buffalo too. Nothing else matters nearly as much.

So our rodent of rooting, the Magic Rat only has one game of interest this evening - and he cares less than he used to.

Bruins over Flyers - to keep some slim hope alive of catching the Cheese Steaks.

And tomorrow - our heroes must beat the Devils or die trying...

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