Thursday, March 26, 2009


Tonight our heroes travel to the classic Hockey Town of Atlanta Georgia to take on the Thrashers (anyone old enough to still remember the Atlanta Flames?) in another critical hockey game in the late season playoff push. The Thrashers are out of the playoff mix themselves (the last team in this category the Rangers will face this year) and are coming off a 6-3 loss to our rivals the Montreal Canadians. Your Rangers just defeated the Wild 2-1 (or so says the Versus network).

Still, Hotlanta has won 3 of the last 4 from us on their home ice - so this figures to be another gut wrenching - will sapping - nail biting - tough game.

To win we will need the power play to wake up and ring a few buzzers.

Dave Pucks Incredibly Obvious Keys To The Game
1 - Score goals. Score 3 goals. Score on the Power Play.
2 - Defend your own goal. No more than 2 goals against Hank.
This has been Dave Pucks Incredibly Obvious Keys To The Game

For some reason this game is giving me a stomach ache.

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  1. My key to the game is the avery-Kovalchuck matchup. 2 years ago in the playoffs avery took Atlanta's best offensive weapon completely out of his game, rendering him ineffective for the entire series, making it a relatively easy rangers sweep. If avery can take him out of the game again, the Rangers should have no problem.