Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Nothing Could Be Finer...

...than a loss by Carolina.

They're underway in The Only Game Tonight That Matters - the match between the last team we beat (Chicago) and the last team that beat us (Carolina). What we need is a Blackhawk win - as Chicago is in the "other division", but the Hurricanes sit just above us and just above the Line-Of-Death one place and one point in front of the Rangers. So win, Chicago, win, and do it in regulation - don't forget to NOOT (that is - no OT wins).


  1. Let me just say I am honored to be the first, and only, (no way those 4 new names on the right aren't made up), follower of the blueshirt brothers.

    I am predicting a shutout tonight from Henrik. Based on memory alone and no supportive research, goalies always put up big games when fighting off the flu. My half-assed theory is that the medicine head keeps you concentrated on staying focused, and the oxygen snorting / iv dripping inbetween periods keeps you fresh.

    Also, I like the new first line. Zherdev is starting to finish again, Gomez is in mid-season form (although 2 months late) and Avery should keep the best forechecker on the ice busy. That line could be dangerous. Sucks for Naslund, who has quietly been putting up acceptable numbers, but his old man legs don't belong on that line.

  2. Ray - thanks for posting a comment - and good points all. Your theory is in no way "half-assed" (to use your terminology). In fact, I'd say you have a full-assed theory if I ever heard one.

    I've heard some conflicting info on the web as to whether the new Avery line is line 1 or line 2. I guess we'll see tonight.

    And I do know most of those new followers and I can assure you each one is a living, breathing, human.