Saturday, March 14, 2009

To The Scoreboard

Okay – trying to move past grief into scoreboard watching – despite today's sad result - as I sit hunched over my keyboard at this exact moment the Rangers still reside above the Line-O-Death and in the playoffs (which you can check out to the right)

So here's what we want from the Scoreboard deity this evening:

Senators already beat the Penguins (good) but in a SO so they get a point (less good)

Devils over Canadians (keep Habs within 2 of us)
Thrashers over Sabres (Buffalo only 3 back of us – and they scare me)
Capitals over Hurricanes (Let's keep Carolina tied with us)
Lighting over Panthers (this won't be easy – and Panthers only trail us by 1)
Flames over Leafs (but Toronto's 11 back of us anyway so less of a big deal)

And NOOT (No OverTimes) people!

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