Sunday, March 15, 2009

Keys To The Game

If you feel depressed, concerned, and not quite ready this morning for more of the Flyers in just a few hours - imagine how Hank and the fellas feel right now.

As we try to get our game faces on - lets review last night's other games:

You know - we had asked for NOOT (No OverTimes) in our scoreboard last night. But what we got was a collection of Shoot Outs. So most of our our division rivals lost (that's good!) but they all got a point anyway (that's the opposite of good)

Penguins Lost - but in a Shoot Out - so they climb to 2 points ahead of us in 6th
Sabres Lost - but again a SO - so they are just 2 back of us now
Carolina Lost - in a SO - so they move past us into 7th
Florida Lost - yes in a SO - so they tie us at 78 points

Canadians Lost - in Regulation - finally - so they stall just 2 points north of us.

So we now are in a tie for 8th (and 9th) with Florida right at the Line-O-Death. But Carolina is just one point ahead of us with 2 less games to play - so their hold on 7th is pretty shaky right now.

Dave Pucks Keys To The Game

1 - Hank be Hank. (Don't let 13% of all shots in your net like yesterday)
2 - Score goals. Three would be nice.

This has been Dave Pucks Keys To The Game. Thank you

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