Tuesday, March 24, 2009

First Period to the Rangers

What was going to be a scoreless first period became a 1-0 Rangers lead when Zherdev scored with under 5 seconds left. Very fitting goal, since zherdev has been by far the best offensive player on the ice in the first period. He has looked fantastic, setting up a couple of potential goals, as well as creating some good scoring chances for himself. He's in for a big night if he keeps this type of effort up.

Both teams have been pretty physical, trying to feel each other out so far. Owen Nolan made the mistake of trying to feel out Colton Orr and got his clock absolutely cleaned. Besides a quick cheap shot jab after the fight had ended, Nolan got absolutely pounded to the ice by Orr.

The objective from here on out should be get Zherdev on the ice as much as possible, and the puck in his hands. (His goal was really a thing of beauty, just because he didn't rush. He knew he had enough time, he was on the door step of the goal and waited for the goalie and closest defender to commit and take themselves out of position, and then roofed an easy wrister. It was quite enjoyable to watch unfold....on versus)


  1. Thanks for the detail - the game looks great on the radio - thanks to you.

    How's the new kid looking?

  2. Sauer? He's been allright. Hasn't seen a lot of ice, somewhere around 8-9 minutes max so far. I think at this point, he wouldn't mind not standing out too much. (Because it would probably be for something bad)

  3. Good eye Nugman. The stats have Sauer with 8:58 of ice time and a shot on goal.

  4. If they hadn't highlighted when he came on the ice so far (just because he's making his debut), you wouldn't really even know he was out there....which means he's filling rozsival's shoes perfectly.