Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Rangers have the night off

Rangers have an off night before they begin a crucial 9 day stretch. 5 games in 9 days, four of them are on the road. And four of the games against teams tied with, or ahead of them in the Eastern Conference. The lone home game is against the Devils. A very tough 9 days indeed, I hope the team is getting a good night's sleep in their Atlanta hotel rooms and mentally preparing for the thrashers tomorrow.

Although I am 95+% sure they are getting ready to head out for a nice dinner, then a long night of high end night clubs followed by a late night trip to a gentleman's club or two. Half the team will probably still be out drinking around 3 am.

Dedication wins championships.

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  1. Thanks Nugman, I was out at my son's school play tonight.

    A friend of mine, after wathcing Avery and then Orr's fisticuffs, asked me when they're going to get the fighting out of hockey. I said: right after they get the fighting out of boxing...