Thursday, March 12, 2009

Nashville Notations

Our 9th place Rangers head to Nashville (the ultimate not-a-hockey-town) to take on the Predators. In goal will be our stomach-flu-ed warrior Henrik Lunqvist.

Now, our #1 follower Raymond thinks this may actually be an advantage - that the IV hydration and extra meds being more of a positive than a tummy ache is a negative for Hank. Sounds good to me. Here's hoping Raymond's prediction of a shutout is on the money.

The Predators are also fighting for their playoff lives -hanging on to 8th place in their own division, having won 6 of 8.

As for our heroes - they need to focus on tonight and not let their minds wander to a home & home with the Flyers this weekend.

And in closing....

Dave Pucks Keys To The Game:

(2)Don't get scored on.

...This has been Dave Pucks Keys To The Game.

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