Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Confusing Times

I usually don't expect much from the Rangers coverage in the New York Times - but today's article by Jeff Klien is downright bizarre.

Here are his first 3 sentences:

Rangers Coach John Tortorella was asked before Tuesday night’s game against the Canadians what he thought of 3-point games — the N.H.L.’s idiosyncratic formula of letting teams each receive a point for a regulation tie, then awarding a bonus point to the winner in overtime or a shootout.

“I hate ’em,” Tortorella said. “There should just be a winner and a loser."

Presumably he hates them a little less after the Rangers took the bonus point in a 4-3 shootout victory at the Bell Centre.

How's that again? Torts didn't say "let's leave a tie a tie". He said he wants "a winner and a loser". The Rangers won the game by winning the Shoot Out and got 2 points for that. And the bonus point was not awarded to the Rangers - it was awarded to the Canadians - the losing team - for losing in a SO instead of regulation.

Why would Torts be happy the Habs got a point in a Ranger win? That puts Montreal just one point behind us instead of two with a game at hand. Is Jeff even reading his own copy? Does he follow hockey?

And Jeff, if you're going to refer to the Blueshirt Brother's concept of NOOT (no OverTimes) - at least use the proper term and give us a little shoot-out shout-out.


  1. Fair point DP, my guess is if Jeff doesn't read his own writing, he definitely doesn't read yours. And there is no chance he reads his own writing. Pretty sure his editor doesn't either. Then again, it is tne NY times. Why would anyone read anything in the NY Times outside the book review?

    Tonight is gonna be tough. The 26 time world champion Yankees haven't begun their quest yet. The Giants are long into their offseason slumber. And the Knicks...the break my heart night after night. So this time of year, a night without a Rangers game is completely brutal in everyway. It's the sports worlds way of kicking you in the nuts over and over. (Which by the way I just discovered on craigslist, is in demand. They are looking for people that will allow themselves to get kicked in the nuts. The only downside, besides your testicles exploding is, you have to pay to have it done. I was gonna apply but I figured they prob already had 1,000 applicants. Who wouldn't want to get kicked in the nuts and pay money to have it done?)

    Anyway, Devils-Hurricanes tonight. Not rooting for the Devils, but technically a regulation win from them makes the rangers feel very comfortable about securing a playoff spot.

  2. Knicks and Nut-Kicks? I don't really see the comparison. With the Knicks, you have at least a chance for things to go well. And I, for one, am happy to see the Knicks actually win a few games this year and not be the worst team in the league. But that's another topic for another blog.