Friday, March 13, 2009

Mr Fantastic?

With Dave off attending to some bizarre religious ceremonies this afternoon, I stand alone in the posting arena. Since there is absolutely no hockey worth watching tonight, I wanted to take a moment to learn about our four new followers. Are these real people? What possible good reason could they have for coming here?

I have to say that "Mr Fantastic" makes me equal parts curious and disgusted. I'm not sure what to think about that name. It's sort of like the guy who refuses to sit at a meeting when there are more than enough chairs to go around. You know he's got some statement to make, but you're not sure if he already made the statement by choosing to not sit. Either way, while at times entertaining, the guy can't be trusted.

The other followers can feel free to chime in with a brief family medical history, bank records, and how they heard about this blog and if they feel it has been one of the five best decisions of their life to start reading it.


  1. Also, I am looking for a follower-nemesis. Someone to take my daily aggression out on and really spice up this comments section. If interested, please offend me at your convenience.

  2. Hey guys. Dave Pucks is right here - and I posted today - my weekly blackout period runs about 25 hours between Friday and Saturday Sundown (it's more of a Vegas/Alcohol blackout thing than a religious issue). Mr. Fantastic is a long time buddy of mine, a doctor, a good guy who has an interest in certain old time comic books - including those that feature Ben Grim, Johnny Storm, and yes, Mr. Fantastic. I think the name he chose was a code name so I would know who he is - not some kind of self-promotion.

  3. Yeah, def one of the best teams they have had since the last cup they won 34 years ago.