Saturday, March 21, 2009

Brodeur may play till he is 48

According to the Daily News, Martin "Fatso" Brodeur just lost a case in court to his former wife. Apparently, cheating on your wife with her sister is a bad thing. I hope the sex was good, because the judge has ordered brodeur to pay alimony in the amount of $500,000 a YEAR until 2020 (when the youngest of their 4 kids goes to college)

Considering that he's not a very bright guy, probably has no idea how to manage his money, I think it's a safe bet Marty will attempt to play beyond his contract (which ends in 2012 when he's 40)

Looking at last night's scoreboard, of course the islanders choked on the road in carolina. When your the worst team in the NHL, it is unlikely your going to win a road game against a team in playoff contention desperate for a win. Thanks for the help you f*cking bums. (Someone try and remember the last team they can think of, that scored four goals in ONE PERIOD of a hockey game, and lost that game, like the Islanders did last night)

The penguins won...again, as did the flyers. Getting little competition from the sabres and kings. The sabres have all but played themselves out of a realistic shot at the playoffs for the second straight year. This of course makes me happy because if it weren't for our current captain's goal with 7 seconds left in game 5 in the playoffs two years ago, the Rangers go to the eastern conference finals, and who knows from there the way they were playing. (Note, that was also the last time Rozsival played a good game) Hopefully the rangers can put them out of their misery tonight. At the garden, with the sabres coming off a physical game with Philly, the sabres have only ONE thing going for them....they HAVE TO WIN tonight. They lose, and they are 8 points (essentially 4 games back) of the rangers, with 10 games left? Outside of the 2007-2008 New York Mets, no one blows that type of lead, that late in the season.

Hurricanes host the capitals. Caps should have fresh legs, and pull out a close game. If rangers hold, they would have a three point lead on Carolina, with TWO games in hand.

Gotta hope the Maple Leafs are able to get up for a little rivalry action with the Canadians, but I am not optimistic.

And finally, the bluejackets badly need a win, they are in florida, and could provide the rangers with a little more breathing room.

So Caps, Leafs, Bluejackets and Rangers. All four pull it off, I'll be almost as happy as Brodeur's ex-wife.

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