Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Scoreboard Watching

With our local team idle tonight - I'm watching the espn scoreboard trying to figure out who to root for...

And let me introduce a new B+B term: NOOT!. That means No OT wins when 2 division rivals play each other- please. Let's not dole out more than 2 points per game tonight...

And I'm starting to worry about our good buddy over at Hockey Rodent. The Prucha trade and other recent events seemed to have rocked him a bit. First he let loose with some language (check his last paragraph) you would never see over here at the B&B, and now he's says he's losing the will to rant. All I can say is: get well soon Squirrel.

And to echo Bruce's sentiments - a big Blueshirt Brothers shout out to our first follower: welcome aboard Raymond. Someday we'll look fondly back at the first follower (and all the followers who followed that first follower).

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