Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Must Beat Canadians

It's hockey night in Canada as our guys travel North take on the team one spot "north" of us in 6th place. Montreal has the same 80 points we do - but with a game at hand.

The Canadians have pounded us in two previous losses this year - scoring an unheard-of 12 goals against Lundqvist. We'll have to do much better to have a chance this evening.

But of course, things are not going as well for the 100 year old Montreal franchise as of late. Their recent winning streak and former Coach are both long gone now (sound familiar?). They have dropped 2 in a row, including a loss to the lowly (and much despised) Islanders.

Win and we can take 6th place, and set our sights on the Penguins and Flyers. Lose and the thundering herd of playoff hopefuls comes at us from the rear.

Dave Pucks Overly Simplified Keys To The Game

1 - Score goals. (Three or more please)
2 - Don't give up goals. (No more than two please)
This has been Dave Pucks Overly Simplified Keys To The Game

And now, to the scoreboard. To our Hockey Deity (the Magic Rat) we respectfully wish for:

Red Wings over Flyers (Flyers can't fly when there are red wings around)
Senators over Sabres (The Sabres, pursuing the playoff pack, scare me)
Thrashers over Penguins (surging aquatic fish are 8-0-2 in last 10)
Capitals over Panthers (let's keep Florida below the Line-O-Death

And please, people, NOOT! (That is "No OT" so the losers don't get a cheap point for losing).


  1. Speaking of being overly optimistic, I highly doubt we will be able to avoid the 3 point games tonight. Not looking forward to checking espn later and seeing "OT" on every score.

    Must win tonight for the rangers. Montreal has the game in hand, so gotta get the 2 points ahead of them, but also we need a real quality road win. The rangers have been a bad road team in 2009 so far, especially against quality opponents, and that won't fly in the playoffs, especially if they are a 5-8 seed.

    Need to get a little edge in our game, has to start tonight.

  2. We were dominating for a while - but all those penalty kills seemed to have taken their toll on our stamina. Anybodys game now - a shame because we had them on the ropes. A 2-0 lead and we would have had them.