Thursday, March 12, 2009

Big Night

Couldn't have asked for a better night, for the team, and around the league.

Hank, tested early and was great (aside from a few fluke goals off rangers players), then not tested the rest of the game as the rangers took over and dominated the play. Hank finishes with 19 saves, has won 4 straight games, and gets his 30th victory of the season. Important because he is now the FIRST goalie in NHL HISTORY to win 30+ games in each of his first 4 NHL seasons. (Hank is also the only goalie in NHL history to be a Vezina trophy finalist in each of his first 3 years...maybe a 4th?)

The game completely turned when Torts benched Zherdev. Zherdev made a sloppy pass in the offensive zone that led to a goal for Nashville, but I don't think that's what Torts was upset about. I don't think Zherdev hussled back to help defensively and looked like he was giving it half effort. For that, he didn't play a shift the final two periods. I like benching players who won't hustle, just always have to worry with a guy like zherdev if that will cause him to mail it in for awhile, I hope not.

When callahan joined gomez and avery, the three of them dominated. They completely outskated everyone on the ice the second and third periods. (Of course Fischler says Hank was superman tonight and was the difference. As much as I like Hank, and he was very good in the first, the second and third period had almost nothing to do with him as Avery and Gomez took over) Avery's best game since his return. He scored a goal, was skating hard every shift, was agitating and drawing penalties.

Sounds like Torts lit them up after the first period based on an interview I just heard with Hank, it appears to have worked. Now 4-1-0 the last 5 (4-2-1 under torts). (3-1-0 in the avery era...I hate sather)

Around the league: Islanders (who suck more on their best day then most do on their worst) pull off a victory in montreal (but canadians get an OT point). Sabres beat the panthers in REGULATION, thanks. The penguins rally for a point, but lose to columbus. Philly gets beat in regulation by the Capitals. And the Stars, one of the better defensive teams in the last decade in the NHL, hold a two goal lead over the Hurricanes in the third at home. If they hold on, the teams the rangers are trying to beat out went 0-2-3 tonight, as the rangers gain on all 5 teams. If Stars hold, Rangers move into 7th place in the East, and have TWO games in hand on number 8 Carolina, and one game in hand on number 6 pittsburgh.

Big win tonight.


  1. Correction, Stars won, so that's 0-3-2 for the 5 teams the rangers are trying to gain on.

    Also should mention, rangers have scored 4 or more, in 4 of last 5 games (winning all 4), after scoring 2 or less in 12 of previous 14 games.

    29-3-2 now when scoring 3 or more.

  2. For the record, Henrik dropped a save for the first goal, and the second was an own-goal. So I am considering it a shutout.

    Avery-Gomez-Callahan looked great. Hopefully Zherdev doesn't pout.

  3. As lame as your attempt to glorify your pick as, I might have given it to you had there only been an own goal. But anytime the goalie makes the mistake to allow a goal, I can't count that as a shutout, sorry. Make more accurate picks in the future please.