Thursday, March 19, 2009

Watching Mr. Scoreboard

As Nugs lamented - thanks to the NHL schedulers - we are stuck in day two of a 3-day No Ranger Game wasteland.

So to the Scoreboard we Blueshirt Brothers go - invoking our diety and luck charm - the Magic Rat - to bring us good tidings and NOOTs (no Overtimes)

From a Ranger Playoff point of view - there are only 2 games on the docket this evening that we give a Magic Rat's 5-hole about. And so, we humbly request:

Senators over Canadians - we need this to keep 1 point ahead of Montreal. (If the Senators give the HABs half the grilling they gave AIG yesterday we should be fine)

Maple Leafs over Panthers - Florida is just below the Playoff Line-O-Death - so every loss by them helps keep us above that same line.

And there you have it. Happy rooting, Brothers! Bad outcomes in these two games makes for a much tighter playoff race.

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