Saturday, March 28, 2009

Make That: Shown Up In Pittsburgh

Well, that didn't work out too well. Hank's day off - which turned out prettly badly on the front end (with Valliquette losing Thursday) wasn't much better on the back end either as the Rangers lost another tough one, 4-3 in Pittsburgh, in regulation.

Hank's save percentage for the night was just 85% - resulting in a rare four goals against for our superstar. The Rangers did well to get their three goals - especially on the road - but came away with no points and, suddenly, a two game losing streak at a very bad time.

And just to show how bad a judge of talent I am - I've been touting that new Sauer kid on defense - but he was minus-2 in just four shifts and just two minutes of ice time.

What positives can we take away? The Rangers were perfect - yet again - on the Penalty kill - stopping the potent Pittsburgh offense nine times. On the flip side we were 0-3 on the Power Play ourselves.

Fluery stopped nearly 90% of the shots he faced. And on a most basic level - if we're outplayed at the goalie position we're not going to beat many clubs.

Hang in there Ranger fans (and you too Nugs). It's bad, but we're still above the Line-O-Death. We're still breathing. And there's nothing to do but move forward. We'll check back with some scoreboard later on. I see the 'slanders managed to parlay a 2-0 third period lead on the Flyers into a 3-3 tie going to Shootout...

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