Monday, March 16, 2009

Rangers-Flyers (Nugman's Scenario)

Nugman looks at the 2009 Playoff glass and sees it half full - shooting for 4th place out of 8 playoff spots - hoping our Rangers can pass the Flyers and secure home ice advantage for the first round of the playoffs. Notable sentiment and I hope he's right.

(As for me - I see the glass as more than half empty. I'm looking at the close-on-our-heels Panthers and Sabres and hoping we can hang on to at least 8th place and stay in the tournament.)

But if we do creep up to the Flyers it could make for a very interesting end of the season - because our last 2 games are another home-and-home with Philly.

So imagine, if you will, Nugman's scenario that with 2 games to play the Rangers are closing in on the 4th place Flyers. In that case the two teams would be in unusual position of playing 2 straight games leading into a playoff series against each other. And those 2 games could determine home ice for the series.

And if that happens - the Rangers may play the final regular season game in Philly - needing a road win to secure a extra playoff home game. In effect they would have to beat Philly in Philly to earn the right to not have to beat Philly in Philly and still win a playoff series - if you follow what I'm saying (and I'm not sure I do myself).

Another potential scenario is that the Rangers are 5th - slated to face the Flyers in round 1 - and the last season game is meaningless. In that case I'd expect to see back up goalies - and many many fights - as both sides seek to intimidate each other leading into the playoff series.

Either way - if the Rangers finish 4th or 5th there will be a lot of consecutive Flyers games before we're done.

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