Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pre-Hatched Chicken Assumption Error

I really didn't even want to say this out loud - because it's double bad luck...

1 - I'll jinx it and it will happen
2 - It assumes we are making the playoffs in the first place - which is not set in stone and would be considered a prehatched-chicken-assumption-error (that is counting our chickens before they hatch). And that, my friends, constitutes the dreaded double-jinx.

...but I have to say it at this point. I really don't want to face the Newark Devils in round 1. And if they hang on to 2nd and we hang on to 7th that is exactly what will happen.

It's not that I don't think we have a chance against them - it's just that since we hate them so much (and vice versa) losing to them would be doubly crushing. Also - they're sure to play harder and better against us than against virtually any other team (just like the 'slanders do).

So, I'd like to reach 5th. Or 6th. I'd be okay in 8th. But anywhere but 7th, fellows, and anybody but the Devils.

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  1. I fear no team, especially not the devils. But I will say they absolutely look like the team to beat in the East right now. (I don't believe in the struggling bruins at all, and the penguins won't have enough left in the tank after the push they've needed to get to the playoffs. And in a big game, I don't really trust Washington's defense or goaltending) Jersey is the complete package right now getting very good goaltending, and a surprisingly consistent offensive attack, probably the best they have had since their last cup run.

    That said, we won't be playing them since they aren't going to be the 5 seed, and that's who we will be playing, since the Rangers will end up as the 4.