Saturday, March 14, 2009

Not What We Wanted

Well that is not the way we wanted the home and home series to start.

We didn't get 3 goals - we didn't score on the power play. We lost.

What positives can we take from this? The score was 1-1 after the first period and we outshot Philly 28-16 the rest of the way. A lot of times we would win a game like that.

To put this another way - when Hank's save percentage is less than 87%, it's hard to beat anybody. We got outplayed at our strength - the goalie position - but I'll bet on Lundqvist versus Biron over the long haul.

Avery, even down 4-1 late, kept hustling and broke through for our 2nd goal - maybe gave Biron something to think about for tomorrow.

The only thing now is to shake it off and come back strong tomorrow. It's like a playoff series - and we want to grab game 2.

-Back later with some scoreboard thoughts.

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