Friday, March 20, 2009

Hey Look! It's the Scoreboard

Yup - as another Ranger-less night falls in Hockey Town - we look at the Scoreboard and ask our mascot and good luck charm: The Magic Rat who should we root for tonight to vicariously help our Rangers into the Post Season?

Only three games to go steady with tonight. We like some other games too, but not in that special way.

Islanders over Hurricanes - It's never easy to root for the 'slanders - Dave Pucks is still smarting over a painfully-quick OT loss that happened before many of you were even hatched. But root we must this evening. The Windys are just one point behind us - a win puts them in front.

Kings over Penguins - The flightless water birds are the hottest team in hockey right now, having rocketed by us and pulled even with Philly (with a few less games left). Someone needs to stop them.

And the big stumper of the evening:

Flyers at Sabres. Fly-boys are just 2 points up on us in 4th. It would be nice to close in on them - and keep Nugmans dream of 4th place alive. On the other hand, the Cold Swords are 6 points back of us - and below the Line-O-Death. As such, they are one of two remaining teams that could climb back in to (and put us back out of) the playoffs. So, what to do? 6 points is a long way back - they may be nearly finished - or are they? Maybe we should hope someone kills Buffalo while they can - before it becomes a crazed wounded beast charging at us from the rear (which, by the way, is something you can pay to have done on Craigslist).

It's the kind of thing you could obsess about - until you realize that your rooting doesn't actually affect the outcome.

So, with fingers crossed - by a whisker - The Rat gingerly roots for Sabres over Flyers.

And tomorrow, boys and girls, your Blueshirt Brothers will have an actual Ranger Hockey game to discuss. I hope we still remember how...

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