Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Midnight - the madness begins

At midnight last night everything changed.

All the UFAs (that is Unrestricted Free Agents) became free men. Their contracts have expired - they are free to play for any team they want with no restrictions.

The Rangers in that category? They are: Morris, Mara, Antropov, Betts, and Orr. Many if not all of these guys may now be gone forever.

I had really hoped to keep Betts - but word on the street is that our old coach Tom Renny (now an assistant coach) may be looking at him as well. And we hear Antropov's agent may be pricing him out of the Ranger's market. Mara and Morris I have less of a feeling about.

The other thing that happened is our RFA's (restricted free agents) also were set free - but with some rules in place. It's like this:

If the Rangers made a salary offer to any of them - under set guidelines for minimum raises - the Rangers retain some negotiating rights.

They made these so-called qualifying offers to the following players:

  • Dubinsky: $633,333

  • Callahan $575,000

  • Potter $535,000

They may have made offers to these guys:

  • Boyle (we got him in a draft-day trade) something over $750,000

  • Korpikoski $1,017,000

The players can accept the offer or reject it. If they reject - they become free agents - BUT - the Rangers have the right to match any other offer they get to keep them. As we reported before - it appears Sjostrom did not get a qualifying offer from the Rangers and is likely gone.

We'll be back with more info as we get it. But rest assured - your next year's Ranger team is being put together right now.

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