Saturday, July 4, 2009

Higgins - "I really want to play here"

You know - when we said the Rangers got Chris Higgins in the miraculous Scott Gomez trade - we may have been exaggerating.

Not so fast, folks - Higgins is an unsigned free agent. If the Rangers can't sign him - he's not a Ranger after all.

But the encouraging news is from Higgins himself. Here's what he had to say Thursday:

"I don't see any problems. It's not done yet, but I want to play here - I really want to play here."

In fact, we here that Higgins is really happy to have been traded here. And we want you here too, Chris. We can really use a 20+ goal scorer who can light the lamp on the power play. The lack of Powerplays goals was a huge part of last year's problems - and I think Chris Higgins, the Long Island native, can help us there.

And it's always nice to hear that a Long Island native wants to play for us - and not the 'slanders. Come on Sather - you're on a roll - work your magic and let's get this done!

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