Thursday, July 30, 2009

If the Ranger Season Started Today - part 2

Yesterday we responded to a question from Blueshirt Brothers reader Mike Odell. He asked what the Rangers would do (roster wise) if their season started today. We decided to go one step further and see what would happen if the Rangers tried to play a hockey game at MSG right now.

In Wednesday's post we talked about the first period - where the Ranger's discovered that, since it it still July, they have no opponent on the ice with them - and no ice surface to play on.

Here are the 2nd Period highlights:

2nd Period

Coming out of the locker room Tortorella gets in a fight with Ranger fans and is ejected from the game and suspended. Rangers get a 10 minute misconduct. They go on their 2nd penalty kill of the season

20:00 - Blair Betts - not sure if he's still on the Rangers - takes to the ice on the penalty kill and makes sure no one else touches the puck and no one scores (Rangers included)

16:50 Sam Rosen announces that the Islanders have been eliminated from the playoffs. He is eventually corrected by Al Trautwig - who points out that this is the first game of the season.

08:54 - Zherdev has the puck on a break away with an empty net in front of him. But suddenly he realizes that it's time for his arbitration hearing and leaves the arena without taking a shot.

00:23 - the Rangers mount their first real offensive threat of the game - from point blank range - with an empty net to shoot at - Callahan hits the post and the Rangers watch in horror as the puck ricochets the length of the ice and past a stunned Lundvist - who is rusty from not having faced any shots.

2nd intermission - Rangers trail 1-0
Tune in tomorrow for the exciting 3rd period.

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