Monday, July 27, 2009

Rangers - Capitals to play where?

If the playoffs were any indication - the Rangers and Washington Capitals may have a nice rivalry growing. The seven game series provided a lot of emotion, momentum shifts and some exciting hockey. So for the next few years at least, Ranger-Capitals games are likely to have a little extra juice.

So how great would it be to match these two teams up in the 2011 NHL Winter Classic? To have Ovechkin challenging Lundqvist in a big outdoor stadium? To have Gaborik sneak one by Varlamov with snow swirling on the ice? To have Brashear turn around and start cheap-shotting the other guys for a change on New Year's day?

And what better place on earth to hold this NHL showcase than Nugman's beloved Yankee Stadium?

I have to admit - it sounds pretty cool. And that is the rumor we're hearing floating around. But nothing official yet.

We do know that January 1st 2010 will be the Flyers-Bruins at Fenway Park - which is also interesting. But Blueshirts in the Bronx on 1/01/11? You can't beat that.

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