Thursday, July 2, 2009

Free Agent Day 2 begins...

As morning dawns on July 2nd - otherwise known as - Free Agent Day 2 - a lot has already happened to our local hockey Club:

Say goodbye to:
  • Scott Gomez - a playmaker with no one to pass to. A former Devil who didn't live up to expectations here. A guy who really liked being a Ranger - maybe enjoyed the trappings a little too much. But most of a - a $7.4 million dollar deadweight in our salary cap that had to go.
  • Colton Orr - Our tough guy, who, in Tortorella's eyes, wasn't quite tough enough

  • Fred Sjostrom - one of our best skaters

And say hello to:

  • Marian Gaborik. The first real "red light" shooter - still in the upside of his career - that we've had since.... uh - well it has been a while since we had a really good goal scorer in his 20s on this hockey club.

  • Chris Higgins. A powerplay goal scorer. Again - something we haven't had in a while and something we really need.

  • Donald Brasher. A tougher tough guy - but I don't like him and can't get behind this one.

And a 3rd category: Probably going:

  • Blair Betts - we love the guy - but we're hearing he may land elsewhere

  • Nik Antropov - Our enigmatic Russian Nik forward. At least we'll have a spare in Zherdev - or will we?

Our Prime Directive today? Get Centered! With Gomez out the door - we need a Center who can get the puck to Marian G. Hopefully Sather is working on that right now. So we're expecting plenty more action to come as Free Agent Day 2 gets going....

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