Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I was ABOUT to write a post about how thrilled I was with the Scott Gomez trade (and I will get to that some time this evening, look for that with analysis of why it is such a good deal for the Rangers tomorrow), but I had to pause, so I could find the sharpest knife in my house and get ready to plunge it into my heart.

The rangers just signed....DONALD BRASHEER?!?!

Yes, in case there is some confusion, that's the Donald Brashear that has NO TALENT, NO SKATING ABILITY, is just a thug that should be out of the league, and...oh yeah...BROKE BLAIR BETTS FACE IN HALF WITH A VICIOUS CHEAP SHOT IN THE PLAYOFFS THIS YEAR?!?!

Sather lets Colton Orr walk, and then brings in this goon?! SATHER, WHAT THE F*CK ARE YOU THINKING?!?! Is your objective to destroy the locker room?! Not to mention, let's say the Rangers suddenly decide to not hate Brashear like I am sure all of them do, but....the guy is terrible. He adds nothing to this team. How can we let Orr walks and replace him with this piece of human garbage?! I HATE SATHER.


  1. Things I would rather watch than Brashear in a Rangers uniform:

    1. The birth of a 15 pound child.
    2. Schilling starting for the Yankees.
    3. Two Girls 1 Cup.
    4. The inside of a jail cell.
    5. Joe Buck Live.
    6. Al Qaeda Videos.

  2. I'm with you guys. I hate this move. Think about the message this sends: if you're an NHL thug and you injure a Ranger player - Sather may reward you with a contract. As if the injury was a successful audition. Just awful.

  3. One more comment on this. I told my 11 year old son the Rangers signed a player I didn't like. he asked who and I said "who is the worst possible player for us to sign". He got Brashear on the first guess. If he can see it - why can't Sather?

  4. Sather loves signing Ranger killers. He gets us guys like Brasheer, Simon, and Kasparitus not because they are good but because he played well against our team. When will he stop doing this and learn to find players that play well ALL of the time?

  5. You're right Anonymous. The last thing we want is every thug in the league to audition for Sather by beating up the Ranger players!