Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Going Going Gomez!

Good news, Blueshirt Brothers - the Rangers just unloaded Scott Gomez and opened up a ton of cap space.

Gomez - the former Devil who underachieved here (continuing Bobby Holic's legacy?) - has been shipped off - along with his $7.4 million dollar salary to the Montreal Canadians.
Gomez was the 6th highest paid player in the league last year - and on the Rangers he was a playmaker with no one to pass to. As Nugs said - he often looked incredibly frustrated on the ice - but this will no longer be our problem.

In return the Rangers got Chris Higgins. (There are other minor players involved as well - we will name them later).

Higgins is a 26 year old left winger who had injury trouble last year and scored just 12 goals + 11 assists for 23 points in just 56 games. He's 6'0" and 202 pounds. But the year before - he scored 25 power play goals. And he has a career goals per shots-on-goal of 12% which is better than any Ranger last year. He was edged off the powerplay last year by other Canadian players - so didn't play much there and that's why his production when down.

I'm loving this move. Higgins can step in and help us on the power play - something we really need. And he earns about $1.9 million. Gomez earns $7.3. So we've freed up $5.4 million to go after a big time goal scorer. By my calculations we have something like 8 million in free cap space. Now Slats can actually get something done here.

This is the best news I've heard since our game four win over the Caps. The big question is - how do the Rangers plan to use the extra money? Are we going to land Dany Heatley? Or one of the Marians (Hossa or Gaborik)? Stay tuned.

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