Friday, July 17, 2009

UFA sighting!

Just when we thought they don't really exist - we have a confirmed UFA sighting!

As you know, UFAs are Unrestricted Free Agents. And like the similarly named UFOs they can fly mysteriously from place to place - landing on any NHL club who wants to pay them.

We assumed our UFAs (Morris and Betts) were gone forever. As far as the Rangers are concerned - these UFA's may still be on our un-updated rosters - but they don't really exist. So we stopped believing in them. But then - a Ranger UFA suddenly appeared in the night sky - and it was Derick Morris. Yes - we are getting wild reports that Morris is talking to the NY about a one year deal.

Brad Devine, Morris' agent, spoke to reporters at The Fourth Period and had the following to say:

"Glen and I have had a couple of talks. They're definitely in the loop""
Of course, as with most UFA sightings - we suspect someone is not telling the truth. Why would Devine talk about ongoing talks - especially talks with the reclusive Glen Sather? We think Morris' agent is trying to pump up a little fake interest to help Morris land somewhere else.

In other words - this is just another UFA hoax! But we can't blame Morris' agent for trying. After all - to err is human - and to forgive is Devine. [Editor: Dave Pucks - you stop that right now!]

(Sorry, Ed)

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