Saturday, July 18, 2009

Betts is still out there

We love Blair Betts. He's a great penalty killer - and penalty kills win hockey games - or at least keep you from losing them. The New York Rangers had the best PK in hockey last year and Betts was a huge part of that success.

On the other hand - that's most of Blair's game. He doesn't really score or create chances or produce on offence. In 81 games he has just 6 goals and 4 assists - that's shockingly low.

But Betts played an important role on the team - it's a role the Rangers will have to fill next year - and he's one of the best we've ever had at it.

You know, we're all assuming that Blair Betts will not be a New York Ranger next year for a few reasons:

  • He's a Unrestricted Free Agent

  • The Rangers have apparently made no move to sign him

  • Tortorella has not mentioned his name to reporters

  • Sather's only comment on Betts this offseason is that he thought Tom Renny would try and get Betts to go to Edmonton (which so far has not happened)

  • The Rangers hired the thug that put Betts out of the playoffs with a vicious cheap shot - Donald Brashear. We hate this move - but it was done. And it would be hard for these two to become teammates after what happened the last time they met.

Still, in spite of all of those reasons - Betts is still out there on the market. He earned 615,000 last year. So if the Rangers want him - he can still be had.

So Glen, Torts, think about it. This guy made us the best PK in hockey - the lone category that this team achieved greatness last year. He was injured in the line of duty - he was hurt trying to help us beat the Capitals. The least we can do is make him an offer.

It's just the right thing to do.

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