Thursday, July 9, 2009

Rangers come to a Boyle

First the Rangers shocked the world by signing Marian Gaborik. And today we have more news - the Rangers have signed...

Brian Boyle?

Well, that's not quite as earth shaking - but it shows that Glen is out there working.
This is an RFA signing - The Rangers had first acquired the rights to Boyle, on June 27th from the LA Kings in exchange for a 2010 third round pick. The news today is that they have agreed on a contract - the details of which are not yet available. (Editors note - Boyle is signed for 2 years at $525,000 per)
Brian is 24 and a former first round draft choice. On the Rangers he will most probably be fighting for a spot on our 4th line. But the Rangers must have seen something they liked to give him a try. Last year he played only 28 games for the Kings - notching 4 goals, one assist and 42 penalty minutes. This begs the question: How will the Kings replace those 4 lost goals next year?

Really, though, Doyle has some impressive stats in the minors. In the AHL with Manchester two years ago he had the most goals by a rookie (31) and 31 assists for a 62 point season. And he's only played 36 NHL games - so he's a rising young talent.

Anyway - it's one more signed RFA. Now we just need to make some progress with Duby, Cally, Korpi, and Nikky Z.


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