Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Rangers Sign Higgins! (for real this time)

When the miraculous Scott Gomez trade was completed with Montreal - one aspect we didn't get at first was that we didn't exactly receive Chris Higgins in return. What we really got was the right to negotiate with a Restricted Free Agent. The Rangers would have to sign him before Higgins would become an official Ranger.

We knew Chris wanted to be here - he's a Long Island native - but with enough intelligence to want no part of the 'slanders.

And - good news - it is now official. The Rangers and Chris Higgins came to terms yesterday - he has signed for one year at $2.25 million. The Rangers get a three time 20+ goal scorer who excels on the power play - something we can always use here. We also have a limited one year exposure to a player who was injured much of last year (like Gaborik) and someone who is looking to bounce back to his production levels of 2 years ago (also like Gaborik).

So that's one RFA converted into a signing. Now that we got Higgy, we need to make some progress on Cally, Duby, Korpi, and Nikky Z.

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