Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Rangers Sign Potter!

In an obvious publicity stunt, the New York Rangers have signed fictional character Harry Potter to trade his wand for a defenseman's hockey stick and join the 2009 Rangers. Clearly timed to coincide with the release of the latest film in the successful Harry Potter series, the rookie defenseman is the first fictional character to join the Rangers since Ty Domi....

[Editor's note - Dave Pucks you are an idiot. The Rangers signed Corey Potter, not Harry Potter.]


Let me start again.

Rangers Sign Corey Potter

In a move clearly timed match the release date of the latest Harry Potter movie, the Rangers have signed a Potter of their own - Corey Potter. Who is Corey Potter? Let me refresh your memory (and mine)

It was December 27th, 2008. Our president: George W. Bush. Our opponent for the evening: our hated cross river rivals the Satanic Cult of Trenton (also known as the New Jersey Devils). Out onto the ice skates Rookie defenseman Corey Potter. And he manages to not only play good defense, but also notches a goal and an assist.

And then, flash forward to March, and the Rangers were fighting for a playoff spot. Coach Tortorella finds himself short a defenseman and reaches out to their Hartford affiliate to get .... Mike Sauer. [Editor - where are you going with this?] (Don't worry Ed - I'm getting there.)

But anyway, after Mike had a disastrous outing against the Penguins - going minus 2 in 4 shifts - Tortorella sent Mike back to Connecticut and re-summoned - that's right - Corey Potter. And Corey played well enough to stick around until the defense got healthly.

Anyway - the 25 year old, 6'3" defenseman (Torts likes big players) has been signed by the Rangers for what is assumed to be $588,500.

Now all Corey has to do is make the team. He's got some guys ahead of him, but with Mara's departure and Morris' UFA status - there's some room there now. Still, Potter will need to have a good training camp and some good luck. A magic wand wouldn't hurt either.